Check on your monitor/tv these Stereo 3D models!

(Relax) #1

Unfortunately Sketchfab currently doesn't support stereo viewing methon on desktop.
However i grabbed some left-right picture from 5 models, please have a look.

HALF SBS versions:

ROW INTERLEAVED versions for passive monitors and 3D TV-s
(look in full screen 1:1 pixel scale!)

What you think? It looks gorgeous on my devices, especially with a 3D projector.
But i like to rotate with the mouse :slight_smile:
It would be cool, demonstrating models for a few people with active glasses, where 20 VR goggle is not an option.
Showing models in half top/bottom format would be great.


(Relax) #2

Come on, i cannot believe nobody has here a 3d device.
If you have, please watch, iit worth!