Chrome and Safari Browsers crash on fullscreen mode on IPad

Hi, I am using iPad Pro and whenever I open a model and go fullscreen on safari as well as chrome, I get this error:

I tried to reduce the polygon count to 75k polygons but It keeps happening intermittently with the models irrespective of the polygon count. Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

This bug has been really hard to track down.

Could you go through each embed on this page and see if some of them work and others don’t?

Okay, to be precise, this is the model I am trying to show. Whenever I open this on Ipad, it keeps reloading and chrome crashes. Same thing happens with safari.

It works fine on my android phone of lower specs, as well as on my pc and mac. I tried turning of the postprocessing filters and lights, but it is still the same. Could you please suggest how to resolve this?

I also cannot get the embed to work on iPad or safari. Have you had any luck with a solution?

Which model?

Only have one model, and I’m a newbie so be kind :slight_smile: You can visit the embed on this page. Works well on mobile safari (iPhone 7), and Chrome desktop, and now in desktop safari (woohoo!) but crashing on iPad safari and Chrome just quits and reloads the page. Any help appreciated!

I tested some things.

  • A 2013/2014 iPad Air + a 2013/2014 iPad mini 2, both running iOS 11.2.6
  • Safari + Chrome
  • Model page + website embed
  • Sketchfab app installed + not installed

Once in a while I got the crash in Chrome, but it worked most of the time. I suspect it’s an issue with Apple’s hardware.

What model iPad do you have?

model MD517LL/A

And it crashes every time? Just from the embed or also from the regular model page? Have you tried other models?

Works on desktop safari, iPhone too, but not on iPad. Here are the console results from the safari debugger on my iPad if it helps… not a coder but seems like somethings up with JSON. It’s all greek to me. (3.4 MB)

Just moved your post from the other thread here.

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I just went to and tried to view a few samples in the browser, including mine. Here’s the results. Very slow loads, then goes to black.