Cinema 4d R17.048 Exporter Issues


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Hi there guys,

I'm quite new to this, and have been scouring over the forums trying to find a solution to my issue but don't seem to find anything (they all seem to be resolved in an update to the site?) Basically when exporting my model into Sketchfab it loses certain textures and sometimes it wont even export and I get an error message which states "HTTP Error 400: Bad request"

Any ideas on a fix on this? On maybe a walk through on how to export your models correctly, which export with all the correct textures and materials?

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cc @waleguene

For the 400 error, I suspect the exported files are bigger than your account's file size limit.

Could you send me a link to one of the models with missing textures? And the original .c4d could be helpful too. You can PM me or email if you prefer.


(Iwaniak) #3


I have sent a WeTransfer file to you.

(Iwaniak) #4


Did you get my file ok?




Yes, just took a look.

I only see one texture in your package "aztec...png", so I can't display the others.

On one of your other models you're using an old version of the Exporter. Have you tried the most recent version? It seems ok:

Example.c4d by James on Sketchfab