Cinema 4D Uploader Error - HTTP Error 400: Bad Request

I’m currently getting this error from C4D:
Unable to upload model to Reason: HTTP Error 400: Bad request.
Anyone else having issues using the Sketchfab C4D Upload Plugin?

Update I just tried to upload a model that I successfully uploaded yesterday. Now I get the same error.

Sorry about that! We have a fix coming ASAP

works great, thx!

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I also have the same problem by uploading the model (C4D exporter) the last couple of days.

@spacific Are you still having issues?

Hi James,

Yes I still got the message:

Unable to upload model to Reason: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

Ok, it’s related to a bug we introduced last week - we have a fix in the works. It should go live tomorrow.

Ok, I’ll try to export later this day. I’ll let you know.

Hello, i have the same problem with the exporter for cinema 4d.
I have tried to install the latest version of the plugin this morning, but i still can’t upload models from cinema 4d (R16 and R17).

Are you trying to enable Private or add a password? If you do that without a Pro account, it will return 400.

Slightly off topic but I’m also receiving this error in both MODO 801 & MODO 901. HTTP 400 in 801 SP5 and URLError = unknown url type: https in 901 SP2.

Any support greatly appreciated.



I’m having the same issue. Has this fix been uploaded as yet? I’m unable to upload my model from cinema 4d R16.


We haven’t made any updates to the plugin yet. What OS are you on?

Hi !
I’ve got this error message when I try to upload my model from the c4d plugin.
I’ve a model with 1 baked texture.
It works when I remove the baked texture and put a seamless one, but it looks like bigger in sketchfab than my preview in c4D ( I have leather actually )

My first guess is that the file is too big. If you manually export FBX with the texture, how big is it?

same here. trying to upload from cinema 4D R16 using sketchfab exporter. is it an issue at my end? please advice. thanks.

Any have this problem with the exporter for cinema 4d. R19? I’m getting error:
Unable to upload model to Reason: HTTP Error 400: Bad request.


The 400 Bad Request error is an HTTP status code indicates that the request you sent to the webserver was malformed , in other words, the data stream sent by the client to the server didn’t follow the rules. It means that the request itself has somehow incorrect or corrupted and the server couldn’t understand it. There are a number of different causes for a 400: Bad Request Error . It might be a malformed request syntax, invalid request message framing, or deceptive request routing . In most cases, the problem is on the website itself, and there’s not much you can do about that.

me too :frowning: