Classic Rendering Removed?

Just found out that the Classic Rendering was removed from the 3D settings. That’s very sad to see since I can’t get the same rendering style as my previous models using the PBR renderer.

Please make it available still :mask:.

Classic rendering was removed for new models, yes.
This decision has been made because, users tends to not use it anymore, and most of the time the same or a close enough render can be achieved with PBR.
Of course there are also internal reasons like the time spent to maintain it compared to its use by users.

However, your models falls in a category where it can be problematic indeed.
First, let me reassure you, classic is still here for models that were using it, and it will be kept like this for now, until we are ready to definitely remove it without losing any models or model’s quality. As long as you don’t manually switch to PBR and save, your old models will still be in classic rendering.

We are internally experimenting on an automatic process to transform classic models to PBR and still retain the same render. Your models will be quite interesting to work with in this process.
Some of your models can be converted easily by just switching to PBR unlit. Some are more complex and need more work.

For your new models, to achieve the rendering style you have, you can try to use the diffuse map in the emissive channel instead or in addition to the base color channel. This can give you some artistic control on how light is handled on the surface.
Don’t hesitate to use tone mapping and color balance post processes. They are almost free in terms of performance, but can achieve wonders on the quality of the rendering.

I’m going to experiment on some of your more complex models, specially the ones with several hemi lights (which are not supported anymore in PBR), and see what kind of light settings could produce a similar result.

In the meantime, if you have a question or a specific model on which you have issues, please, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will try and tweak the settings as you have mentioned. However I’m hesitant in using post processing since (i) it is time consuming especially for someone like me who posts lots of models and (ii) I think it produces color ingenuine to the texture.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

Fair enough about the post processes ;).
So I look a bit more into your models and actually the most difficult part to replicate is the smooth ambient lighting produced by hemi lights.
By default in PBR, they are replaced but directional lights. But that’s not producing the same effect at all.
Ideally, those lights should be brought by the environment, but there is no way to do that easily.
I found that transforming them into point lights, giving them more vivid colors and playing with their position and falloff you could achieve similar look. Not exactly the same though.

For the textures, definitely, using the diffuse color map into the emissive channel and setting the intensity to 0.8 to 0.9 gives good results.

If you get some satisfying results with those directions, please tell me.

Hey…I have tons of models that make use and get the look especially with the classic renderer, because of the “holographic” look of different colors on the specular channel…
like this one : INSANITY IN MOTION - Download Free 3D model by Miguelangelo Rosario (@miguelangelo2k) [e6800fc] - Sketchfab
any suggestions how i can recreate this in PBR ?

Will i have to tweak all my old models or will they keep the classic ?
Can i use reupload on duplicated models in classic as workaround, when i want classic render for future models ?

I have tested using the suggestion by @nehon and the result is satisfactory. As for the lighting I just used the default preset. Looks quite fine.

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Model reuploads can’t be used as a workaround. I’ve tested it.

I’m going to look into your models, don’t change anything for now.
The goal behind this change is to limit the number of classic models we will have to fix when we remove it for good, so if you find any workaround, you just won’t do us a favor :p.

but don’t worry we’ll find a solution for everyone.

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Its mostly my older psychedelic models…i switched to PBR a while ago…will check which models and make a collection…