Clear Coat dont duplicate

When a job is duplicated, some of the parameters edited in 3D are NOT copied correctly: In particular, the Clear Coat values disappear.

This happened with me a few times, but not with clear coat, sometimes when I duplicate the AO is turned off on the duplicated project, the AO settings are copied its just that its turned off, easy/quick to just turn it back on though.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look at this.


I did a few tests and I have not been able to reproduce the issue with Clearcoat, it could be caused by an unfortunate combination of several things.

If you happen to reproduce this issue again on a model (with any Editor setting), could you post both the original and the duplicated model so that we have a example to investigate ?



I will try if it happens again

I have managed to replicate the problem. It does not keep the Clear Coat and Subsurface settings after the duplicate.
I send you links to the original and the freshly made duplicate.
The copy is in private mode.


Let me know when you have it revised so that I can continue editing it

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