Click and Drag notification on Model

(Altitudeexhibits) #1

I tried searching to see if I could find this in another topic but no luck; my apologies if this has been answered somewhere else.

I am featuring models on my website and the number one feedback is people don’t realize you can interact with the model. Once and a while I will see models with a click and drag icon with arrows pointing left and right. Is there a way to place this in my model?

Thank you in advanced!

(Dark Minaz) #2

that info file/icon usually shows up the first time you click on it without any cookies, to help new users. so it should show on every new user that presses on play.

(Mauricesvay) #3

The hint is displayed the first time someone sees the model. You are not seeing it, but others see it (as described by @dark_minaz)

If you want the hint to be displayed every time, you can add the following parameter to the embed URL: ui_hint=2.

For more info on embed parameter, check out this help center page: