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CLone Wars 2 - Yoda Getting ready to fight with Dooku!

(Ayhankin) #1

Hey guys I learned the contest super late, but still try to join it as much as I can!. Thanks to sketchfab making this amazing contests ^ ^.

here is my wip for yoda, I highly inspired from Disney Infinty's Yoda. And I have only used hand painted textures for this guy.

(Ayhankin) #2

My model is close to final you can see it from here,

Force is strong with this one by ayhankin on Sketchfab

(Adam Beamish) #3

Great Yoda model. Nice design! :smile:

(Bart) #4

Wow, you did that in one day? Impressive!

(Ayhankin) #5

Actually it took me 3 days to finish it in total ^ ^ thanks a lot Bart!

(Ayhankin) #6

Thank you very much ^ ^.

(Bloecher) #7

wow, thats fast. looks super nice. u should make a small 3d print for your desk :smile:
and btw, which program do u use for texture painting?

(Ayhankin) #8

Thanks man! I wish I could have finish the whole scene ^ ^. But I only realized the contest a week ago T_T. My bad tho. I used 3D Coat for painting. It is an awesome and easy to use program

(Elbriga) #9

I love that laser :smile: excellent job !!!

(Ayhankin) #10

thanks a lot ^ ^ I am glad that you liked it!

(Gary Phelps) #11

I really like this. I love sylized art.

(Ayhankin) #12

Thanks a lot Gary!! I appreciate it ^ ^