Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Devils tower mother ship

(Gssev) #1

I going to create a scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind -The Devils tower mother ship scene .

Created a basic spaceship in Carrara.

Added basic details

made a colorful glow shader for a test.

Exported to 3DCoat and did a retopo and UV unwrap. baked the glow texture in Carrara.

Used Unity add on World Composer to get the landscape at Devils tower. Not high resolution so exported to 3Dcoat to sculpt a bit.

Retopo and then paint some parts.

I have made a first sketchfab scene with just these 2 objects . more to add and will have to paint the space ship to look ore like he movie one and bake lightmaps for it and landscape and add more props!

(Creativeblendproductions) #2

Yah! Another Steven Spielberg Movie! I know there have been others probably, I just recognize this one. :wink:

(Gssev) #3

Did a basic light map on the terrain for a test. More to add..

(Gssev) #4

Edited the light maps and trying sketch fab post processing which looks good.

(Gssev) #5

Modified the scene with the mothership moved a bit and 2 simple glowing ships. I might try animating. More detail to add yet.

(Creativeblendproductions) #6

Your project took a while to load on my laptop. But after loading it was very easy to look around the scene. :slight_smile:

(Gssev) #7

Thanks for the feedback, probably some textures at 2k . I'll try and optimise later .

(Creativeblendproductions) #8

Your welcome. :slight_smile:


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A cool scene! Have fun! The WIP is looking great already.

(Gssev) #10

Thank you.

(Gssev) #11

Added animation and changed light map a bit. modelling the monitoring station.

(Gssev) #12


(Gssev) #13

WIP5. Remodelled the mother ship and improved the textures with it.

(Gssev) #14

Final version in place. I'll be using sketchfab for more creations now. Impressed how easy it is to show a 3d scene online.
This link should force the backround in VR as well.

(Danman7) #15

wow very nice​:+1:t3::alien:

(Baadshepherd) #16

I’ve been trying to put together a 3d model of the mothership using only the available photos online. I’m trying to print out the scene at devil’s tower for my nephew, and managed to stitch together the mountain using photos, but it isn’t really working for the mothership.

Is there any way for me to get access to your model for the ufo here? I’m 3d printing it out and only looking to make a single copy, but I’m well aware of the massive amount of time it must have taken to model it. The only other option I can currently find is being offered for $140 and it’s a terrible model.

Either way, your model is awesome. I appreciate the work that must have gone into it.