[CLOSED] Sketchfab + Oculus Medium VR Challenge: Claymation Characters

Didn’t you love to watch those claymation animations on the television when you were a kid? It was hard to believe those sculptors could breathe life into such simple characters, and if you paid attention you might spot a fingerprint somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

For our latest VR challenge we have joined forces with the Oculus™️ Medium team! We’re challenging you to recreate that claymation feeling using Oculus Medium in VR. Participate and you can win an Oculus Sensor (great for a 3-sensor setup for full room-scale VR!) and a set of Oculus Earbuds.

TL;DR: Sculpt a claymation character in Oculus Medium and tag with #ClaymationCharactersChallenge.

Post your work in progress shots & final entries in this thread, and be sure to check the blog post for full rules and prize details:

I just entered this contest! One of my first tries at medium. The flatten brush really helps give the shapes a bumpy hand-made quality and sometimes even makes an accidental fingerprint looking texture.


That looks so charming!

Hi there, I’ve just entered the contest. This is my first VR scultpture on Medium.

It’s a homeless dude throwing his booze because of a slippery water puddle.

hey ! i’m gonna try to make someting cool too :wink: , just saw the contest. i draw a little sketch of what i want to do in medium.


ok, modeling is finish , i make a render in blender. i try to bake all this lighting into one map for similar render in sketchfab ! hope you like it


Damn that’s some beautiful work.

Hi all! Just wanted to post my submission for this challenge!

It is called

—Traveling Musicians —

if you read each annotation they all have names and small storylines about them

I have been wanting to sculpt in Oculus’s Medium program for a while now and I truly enjoyed making this! It felt very loose and childlike to make this feel like using clay, plus you don’t have to deal with dirty hands after!

I found that using the “Move” tool helped to make it feel like it was hand sculpted. Also the flatten tool. I didn’t get that fingerprint texture that Nick Ladd got though… Maybe my file was too low res? Anyone know why that could’ve happened?

Here is some of the design process:

I started with a small sketch, was going for an old Japanese woman, they have so much character! So then I decided she was a type of travelling musician, playing a “shamisen” then… she needed a froggy entourage to go along with her! I did a lot of Pinterest researching (honestly my favourite part before I start a piece) and then I piece things I like from each reference!

Check out more references on my Pinterest board! -> https://www.pinterest.ca/samanthaluck397/character-design-inspiration/


it’s almost done, i have some troubles with the baking , but i should success soon. this is my wip of realtime render (just done on the baby) -> https://sketchfab.com/models/a50799e60931412d97c2cafd82ee8cfa

and this is a little turn with cycle (blender) ->

oh also a quick video to show the sculpt in medium (sorry it’s too fast) ->


my final entry for this challenge :


Hey guys!

Here’s my entry:

Nice to see all the work submitted so far!


Such a fun challenge. Great work, everyone!


This challenge is now closed, and the winner will be announced on Friday.

And the winners are…

1st place - Baby Learning by Mickael-Krebs

Wins an Oculus Sensor + Earbuds!

2nd place - Love? by Joe Daniels

Wins an Oculus Sensor!

3rd place - Travelling Musicians by samluckart

Wins Oculus Earbuds!

Many thanks to everyone who took part and created such a wonderful array of characters!