Codename: TARIUS

(Zafio) #1

The year is 2048, Earth is lifeless thanks to the greatest talent of humankind: stupidity.
Yet "lesser" talents have enabled some humans to avoid extinction. Thanks to a breakthrough in space propulsion from a very well known private company, we were able to travel through space in a fraction of the time we used to do, making feasible to colonize our solar system and traveling further away.

This breakthrough, however, triggered alarms all along the known universe... yes, we weren't alone after all, but after being ignored for thousands of years, we are now a threat, a pest to be exterminated at first sight.

We have no allies among our "new" neighbours, and our technology looks from the stone age compared to theirs, so we have no choice but to smart up to defend ourselves...
And here is where our story begins, in a secret and well hidden laboratory, where one of the greatest and maddest human minds left is working on a project to help humankind avoiding extinction once again.

The project's name: TARIUS.

(Zafio) #2

Quick concept done in Krita:

(Bart) #3

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+1 for using Krita :slight_smile:

(Zafio) #4

The idea behind the TARIUS project was to create an alien ally of our own, the ultimate soldier.
The starting point: a super sized version of one the toughest creatures on planet earth: the tardigrade.
Next step: improve its intelligence, dexterity, senses, with all kinds of augmentations.

Krita paint over a Blender render.

(Dark Minaz) #5

looks like a pig mixed with some multiarm robot and some insects ..
Cool concept :slight_smile:
but wow in 32 years earth is doomed already .. that's quite soon

looking forward to this, quite like it when someone has a kind of plan and a backstory :slight_smile:

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Good luck!!

(Zafio) #7

No time for more concept exploration or even layout/blocking, so, since I have a pretty good idea of the final scene, I started doing the assets and testing the final style:

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(Zafio) #9

(Zafio) #10

The biggest effort, its intelligence, took years to develop, an organic brain was necesary, but couldn't be based on the human brain for safety reasons. Countless versions, constant trial and fail, until it reached a maturing point which seemed to work flawlessly.

The first working unit to pass all previous tests and training, was to be deployed on a battlefield, with an experienced commander supervising its performance.

It was a success, a perfect killing machine, or so everyone thought...
as with many mad science experiments, something went "wrong"...
The unit's brain started to evolve, then at some point, it refused to follow killing orders, then it refused any kind of orders, then it went totally rogue...

(Zafio) #11

Project TARIUS by Zafio on Sketchfab

(Mcsephiroth1313) #12

This looks great, the colors and composition all work together and the holographic HUD is a nice touch. I noticed you have a bit of a specular map on the floor tile. Are you planning on using spec maps throughout the whole scene? I think the character would really benefit from it because the design is really awesome but the model feels plastic. And this is just a tiny detail, but what if you extruded the floor plane down ever so slightly to give it depth? Might look kind of neat like he's on some kind of platform or give the environment more physicality :wink:

(Zafio) #13

@mcsephiroth1313 Thanks! I didn't have enough time for polishing, in fact, I've to admit I'm a bit ashamed to present it like that, but I will improve it after the contest.

Btw, the body of the character has a polymer coating for extra protection (tardigrades are actually kind of translucent btw), but it didn't have to look like cheap plastic indeed.