Collaboration Between Inventors & 3D Model Designers

(Centuryinvent) #1

Do 3D model designers collaborate with fund strapped inventors to draw and copyright prototypes of new inventions for joint copyright owners of the 3D models’ diagrams?
Recently, I have been granted patent on a new automated sprayer embodiment by the Nigeria Patent Office in December 2018. This invention has multiple application as aerosol sprayer and alcohol stoves

Taking into cognizance the cash strapped nature of some inventors like me who wish to license their invention to interested companies by preparing virtual prototypes, how best could competent 3D model designers collaborate with inventors in this regard.

I would like to suggest that inventors and 3D designers should collaborate to get the job done and share copyright plus royalty.

Kindly share your take on this.

(Bart) #2

Speaking on a personal title, I feel very strongly that artists should never accept ‘deferred payment’ jobs. If you value their work, you need to pay their bills.