Collections only reading as holding 1 model?

I added all my models to a collection and Sketchfab says there is only 1 model in the collection. The embed code also shows only one model. I have tried refreshing. Nothing Works.

The counter only lists your public models. The embed dialog seems like a bug - I’ll pass it along to our web team. I’ll just add the URL of the collection in question here: Swimming Pools - A 3D model collection by San Juan Fiberglass Pools (@sanjuanepicscanning) - Sketchfab

Hi there,

That’s the expected behavior of embedding a playlist of a collection with private models.

If you want to embed a playlist of private models, you need to add the UIDs one by one, as described here:

In the future, we hope to offer something like “collection-level privacy”, but it’s not currently on the roadmap.

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Thank you so much!