Collision: Nature & Civilization

This month we’re teaming up with NVIDIA® Studio and ConceptD to bring you our biggest challenge yet!

The Theme

Sometimes when nature and civilization collide, wonderful things happen; other times it ends badly. For this challenge, we invite you to pick a moment in time—past, present, or future—and tell a story about our complex relationship with nature.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


I am currently in Uganda and I would like to know if I am eligible

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I might suggest checking with whatever local authority that might be relevant to this while waiting for a response from staff so you can get started on the contest as soon as possible.


Tycho is right, our official reply to this is:

Per the challenge rules, the contest t is void in Brazil, Italy, Quebec, and where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law or international public policy or where registration, filing or notice requirements may exist.

Uganda isn’t specifically on that list, but it might be worth double-checking with your local authorities about whether Uganda prohibits, taxes, restricts, etc. contests like this.

We realise this isn’t exactly super helpful, but we simply don’t know all local legislation, sorry!

Hi! Can we apply in the competition with stylized models ?

You sure can! Just make sure you do stick to the ‘Collision: Nature & Civilization’ theme.

  • There are no technical submission requirements for this challenge.

I guess this means 3D scans are allowed : sweet!

This seems right up my alley!

Can i use famous characters in the scene? which I will model myself, but the author of the concept is not me. For example AT-ST from Star Wars or something like that

Hi, I would like to know where to upload my scene ?

Our challenge rules state;

  • The Submission must not contain material that violates or infringes any rights of any other party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or any other intellectual property rights;

So this means you can’t use models based on Star Wars etc, sorry.

See ‘How to Enter’ on the contest page:

  • upload a 3D scene that encapsulates the collision between nature and civilization (“Submission”) to Sketchfab with the hashtag #NatureAndCivChallenge.

I just wanted to know if I can incorporate cc0 models from other sites into my competition piece?


Is it allowed during the challenge, to set 3D model (“Submission”) to be available for download?

Referring to : official contest rules.

2. Submissions . …

hi pete, by using cc you can not claim to be the sole / exclusive owner of said asset, as the rules state you have to be the sole owner of any assets used so using cc is not accepted.

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I am not sure about this, I don’t see why not, but hang tight for confirmation as staff are not active over the weekend

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Okay, thank you.

Agreed. Only original content can enter.

Yes, you can make your submission available for download, or offer it for sale in our Store.

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Buen día. Quisiera saber si el concurso consiste solamente en realizar una escena que mezcle naturaleza con civilización, o también hay que realizar una animación. Gracias.

Hi Samroal
Your entry can be static or animated but it must try to fit the contest theme, good luck.

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I would like to know if I can participate from South Asia