Collision: Nature & Civilization

I am in UAE I would like to know if I am eligible.

Is participation eligible from india??

hey is there some kind of registration for the entrance? or do I just upload the model to sketchfab

Hi everyone. Regarding participation from particular countries, per the challenge rules, the contest is void in Brazil, Italy, Quebec, and where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law or international public policy or where registration, filing or notice requirements may exist.
If your country isn’t specifically on that list, please double-check with your local authorities about whether your country prohibits, taxes, restricts, etc. contests like this.

And as far as how to enter @revanth.tamirisa, upload your model to Sketchfab and tag it #NatureAndCivChallenge. Full details can be found on the challenge announcement page and the official rules page.

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Continuing the discussion from Collision: Nature & Civilization:Hi , I am new to Sketchfab, I would like to know where to upload my scene, and how?

You should upload your submission to your Sketchfab account. Here’s our Help Center article on how to upload:

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why brasil can’t ??? :persevere:

Sorry for late reply, I opted to model the submission myself, thank you for your feedback it helped alot.

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Hi! Can I choose a fictional setting for a model based on past , or does it have to be based on factual events?

hi rohank, you can go fictional or factual, fantasy or reality and anything in between, as long as it fits the theme title :slight_smile:


awesome, thanks!

Hi there @bartv @Tycho_Magnetic_Anoma

Awesome challenge :slight_smile:
A question on the model used for the challenge. Can I use models that I’ve purchased from the Unity asset store?


You cannot.

I have made a project for the contest, When I tried uploading it, The website said that the file bigger than the file size limit. Then a small forum box appeared to state the problem, and I did, It said that Sketchfab will contact me shortly. But I never got any. It’s been almost a full day. Can you help me this problem?

Hi @AgkshayanC - look slike your on the free tier so your total upload size must be under 100mb.

Are you able to optimise your model (decimate geometry, reduce texture size and number) and try uploaidng again?

Yes I did I even tried compressing it. But there is a texture loss there, But what can I do to upload a file which is about a 1000mb, This is my first one to be uploaded to Sketchfab. Just to note that I will be uploading frequently. Can you redirect me?

is it a blender project?
how big is your final upload?

Blend file, Almost a 1 gigabyte, It has some high quality textures. I used some of the models I made for my game which is currently in development.

1 gig? crikey , err, well as nebulousflynn mentioned i would start by drastically reducing the resolution of your texture, start with your non-diffuse ones, compress colors on certain maps down to lower pallet, i thinking getting a 1gig down to a 100meg considering the time to submit is already over is going to be a challenge , but to be honest it sounds like your scene is complicated in terms of materials and even if you did manage to upload your scene it sounds like you wold have to spend a lot of time in the 3d editor matching what you see in your 3d tools render engine.
It is a pity you left it till the last moment to test your upload for the first time, lesson learnt I hope :smiley:

It sounds like a big problem to me. Anyways thanks for your help. It means a lot.