Color changes when exporting from 3ds Max


It seems like the color of the model change when exporting from 3ds Max.

How can I prevent this?

u just have to texture it

Is there another way?

It depends how materials are exported, could you provide a minimal test case to reproduce the issue ?


try just not exporting the material. Use 1 material for all ur trees to make life easier.

There are no materials on this model, only object colors.
This might well be the problem?

@klaasnienhuis can you help out here?

If there are no materials present, the exporter will apply a new material to each object without a material and introduce a new (probably random) color. The wirecolor of the objects in the scene are ignored. If you want to apply a material to each object which doesn’t have a material applied AND preserve the current wirecolor, you can run the following line of maxscript code before using the exporter

for o in objects where o.material == undefined do o.material = standard diffuse:o.wirecolor

I strongly advise against this however, especially with the scene shown in this thread. Each of those objects will get a new and unique material, even though most objects share the same color. It’s more robust to apply the material yourself. This also makes it a lot easier to edit once the model is in Sketchfab

i applied some standard materials, and it looks allot better now, but on the trees there are some black polygons.
Is there a way to get rid of these?

Btw Thank you for replying Klaas! :v:

Usually there are 2 reasons for black faces: either the normal is flipped or the baked texture is too small. I’m guessing the texture is too small. This effect is exaggerated by the fact your trees are tiny in comparison to the entire scene. Imagine the UV map for this. The bulk is taken up by the groundplane and the trees are unwrapped into tiny bits. Sometimes these bits are too small to even catch a glimpse of a baked texture.

So, maybe render with a higher density will get rid of those black spots.

As i remember, the density had a value of 0.15, is a bit to small :grin:
Thanks for the explanation! it is now clear to me.