Colours and Keylines done export from Sketchup to Sketchfab

Hi, I’m new to Sketchup and I need to be able to add the 3D model to a Wordpress website so I’ve exported using Sketchfab. The colours and key lines have changed/disappeared or washed out. I’ve changed the setting and exploded the models as suggested but it’s still doing it. Any ideas - thanks!

Can you share a link of that wordpress page? I’ve not heard of an embed showing differently inside WordPress before…

Hi, thanks for responding! I’ve not got to adding it to the website yet, I’ve attached a Jpeg of the colours it is in the original file. I uploaded it in Sketchfab and it changed to washed out colours and the key lines from black to different colours, ie, the swirls in the green insulation that are black come out as thinner white lines. I’ve tried exploding it so that it is not components and that didn’t make a difference. I’ve tried saving the different options for colour, textures etc but again, no difference. Also attached is the Sketchfab screen grab.

Hi, thanks for your offer to help, I sent this last week, are you able to offer any advise as to what I was doing incorrectly. I’m quite new to Sketchup!

Ah, so it’s displaying incorrectly in Sketchfab. I recommend playing with the post-processing settings, particularly Tone Mapping > Saturation. You can also adjust the base color of different materials by selecting the part of the model that you want to change (in 3D Settings) and then altering the color in the Materials panel.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try.

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