Colours and Textures in SketchFab

(Fijisi) #1

Hi Everyone,

I am new to SketchFab and was wondering how the program collects and allocates textures and colours?

I recently uploaded a single layered (multi-coloured/ Textured) Building in FBX format that came out looking WOW on the HD screen (all textures and colours included. (size 15M))

Then I uploaded a multi-layered (multi-coloured/Textured) 3D Town where all the solid parts of the town came out correctly but there was no colour. Everything was white. (again in FBX format (130M))

Could someone please explain why this happens?

Is the file to large? many layers?....HELP

I use Vectorworks 2018 to create the model and transform directly into FBX format.

Also I have tried the model town in A360 and it works fine accept the clarity of the image is questionable.

Here is a screen shot of the White Town

(Dan) #2

Looks like this model exceeded the 100 material limit on Sketchfab. When this happens, we consolidate the materials to an off-white color. You can read more about this in the FAQ here:


That would be my guess as well. If you share the model link we can take a closer look.