Colours, layers, rendering HELP


(Ben Burr) #1

I'm importing 3D drawings from AutoCAD in an FBX format. I've done this on previous projects and components in different colours/layers are exported to sketchfab and show in their colours/layers in sketchfab.
For some reason the project I am working on will only upload in greyscale,
I don't know what I am doing differently or how I can show the renderings in sketchfab.


I'm sorry you're having trouble. Can you please send me a link to the model?


(Ben Burr) #3

Hi James,
I seem to of resolved the issue. It seems to be that for an autoCAD 3D rendering I am better off exporting as an iges file rather than as an FBX file.
This seems to work if I'm just using standard colours/layers on my image. However, something else has come up that you might be able to help me with. What is the best format for me to use when exporting a rendered image from AutoCAD? Sketchfab doesn't seem to be very happy with renderings of glass. For example: I am just completing an image for a staircase that is rendered in oak and glass. How would I best upload this to sketchfab?
Kind regards


Hi Ben,

If unique materials are preserved correctly after upload, you could use 3D Settings to edit the glass. Could you send me a link?