Combining multiple files to one model


(Neurosimcore) #1

I am trying to make a model of lungs with transparent lung tissue and visible vasculature inside of the lungs. I have separate files for lungs, veins, bone, and tumor. Is there a way I can combine all of these .stl files into one model and have the lungs transparent so you can see inside? Thanks


It's usually best to combine all the models into a single file using some 3D software.

Alternatively, you could create a Timeframe animation with a single frame, using a .timeframe file like:

1 model1.stl+model2.stl+model3.stl

Or, you could convert them all to OBJ files, and include an empty file with them called sketchfab.zbrush.

(Neurosimcore) #3

If they are uploaded into a single file, could parts be made transparent and other parts be kept opaque? Thank you


If you use the timeframe or zbrush approach, each part should have a separate material on our end ( @mrchlblng ? )

If you combine them in software on your end before uploading, make sure to give them unique material names.

(Mrchlblng) #5

We do not create a default material when loading STL so going the timeframe way would require you to convert your models into OBJ and add smoe MTL file (you should be just fine exporting OBJ from Meshlab).