Combining Photogrammetry and artificial objects

(360 Grad Studio) #1

I am attempting to recreate food as 3D objects using Reality Capture photogrammetry. Because plates and other containers have very poor characteristics for photogrammetry, I am creating them artificially in Blender. Results are uploaded to Sketchfab.

The problem I am having is that when I capture an object using photogrammetry, I have to show it unlit in Sketchfab, otherwise it looks very artificial. However, because the plates and other objects that I create in Blender require lighting, I am having a problem combining an object that cannot take lighting with objects that require lighting.

I have tried creating lighting in Blender and uploading a .blender file to Sketchfab, but the texture on the food is lost on the upload.

Any suggestions on how I can mix objects created via photogrammetry with purely artificial objects and get realistic looking results? Or … how to best capture food along with cutlery, plates, bowls, pans, etc and get realistic looking results?? Maybe use tools other than Blender or Reality Capture?

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.


(Tinyruin) #2

Hey 360GradStudio. There is something called “de-lighting” where you remove the shadows of the photoscan, to make it look good in different light conditions. With this workflow it looks good even if it’s not un-lit.
The de-lighting is part of Photoscan Pro. There are also ways to do it with Substance Designer, Unity and probably other software too. Just search for “photogrammetry delighting”.

(360 Grad Studio) #3

Thanks for the tip!