Comments don't work right

(Flioink) #1

Since like a week ago I noticed that when I reply to a comment the field where I type becomes completely white and my letters are invisible. After I post it to me it still looks invisible. I use chrome and avast. Possible software incompatibility or bug on the site?

(Bart) #2

Hmm, I can't reproduce that, nor did we get any other reports about this. Could you try in a 'private browsing' window to disable any plugins?

(Flioink) #3

I tried disabling adBlock and still the same. Even on my laptop it's the same. It's when it comes to replies only.
Not sure what's happening.

(Dan) #5

Are you seeing the same issue when replying to a comment through a different browser, such as Firefox or Safari?

Also, either way, could you share a screenshot of the result here?

(Flioink) #6

So what's happening is when I reply the only visible thing in my message is the @username thing.
I have tested it with firefox and there is no problem there so I guess this is a Chrome thing.