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Community meetup: Los Angeles, August 12

(Bart) #1

We're coming to LA for SIGGRAPH! I've opened this thread to collaborate with the community on making it happen.

First of all, we should pick a cool spot, in the general area of the Los Angeles Convention Center (see map below). Capacity: 25-40 people, and there should be catering (drinks + snacks). We should scout it and have a talk to the owner about the event, find out costs etc.

Typically I do meetups in bars (which can be noisy), company meeting spaces (great facilities like wifi and projectors, usually no drinks etc), or co-working spaces (this seems to be the best of both worlds).

Anyone who knows the area and would like to help, feel free to contribute!

Thanks smile

(Bart) #2

Hey folks,

quick update: so far I've received offers to help from Stuart and Gregory (thanks guys!), we'll be working here to make the meetup happen.

The first suggestion for a venue was the Angel City Brewery. It's about 7 minutes by car from the LA Convention Center - is that reasonable to LA folks?

Stuart mentioned that it's great for a 40-50 people sized group. As signups on the Facebook event aren't going very fast yet, I may want to be a bit more cautious and guess we'll have 20-30 people attending. Stuart, would the venue still work for that?

As an alternative, maybe we can find something really close to the LA convention center? I have no idea how nice the area is there - does it have bars and restaurants?

As I'm taking a break from July 17th, let's try to settle on a spot before the end of this week, shall we?

I've emailed close to eight hundred Sketchfab members in and around LA last week to make them aware of our activities in LA, and I'll do it again one week before the event.

(Stuartfingerhut) #3

Hi Bart,
Yes, the venue will suit 20-30 just fine. Lots of drink, some immediate food options (food truck), and many food options in the surrounding area. It's not a projector pres venue, it's a beer hall full of LA's most interesting people hanging in the Art's District. It's ideal for larger gatherings.

Oh, and there's also
Bar + Arcade. If it's not already booked solid. They are around the corner from each other, so ya know.

There's also Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel but that's prob gonna be packed. I'm not dialed into the scene around the Conv Center.

Any venue right by SIGGRAPH is gonna be bucks and prob already booked. For a casual meetup like this I reco jumping in an Lyft/Uber from the Conv Center and going 2 miles to the Arts District or Little Tokyo for a round or two at some choice spots.

(Stuartfingerhut) #4

Also re signups...

Once a solid spot is locked in the heads will prob follow. These places are too good to pass up for night out in LA.

(Bart) #5

Okay excellent, I'll discuss with the team and give them a call today so see if they're available. You're probably right that it's better to avoid the immediate area of the convention center.

I'll keep you posted!

(Bart) #6

@stuartfingerhut we talked to eightytwo and they think it will be fine, so we'll meet there! I really like the games environment for a meetup, just remember to bring enough quarters! smile

I'll update the announcement on Facebook today and send out another round of invitations to LA people.

Thanks again, and see you there - we'll arrive around 6.30pm.

(Stuartfingerhut) #7

Right on, great choice. Plus the general area is always popping off :
SCI-ARC is just a couple blocks away too.

I can help spread the word via IG and email to the LA fam, so send me any images/graphics via email to post.

Let me know how else I can help...

(Nataliak) #8

Thanks Stuart! We'll be emailing everyone in the LA area to invite them today - feel free to pass that along smile
Not sure we'll have any graphics, but Ill see what I can do!