Comparing Photogrammetry Software

(Bart) #1

As a bit of a joint community project, I'd be interested to compare some photogrammetry software. I was thinking someone could provide a nice set of photographs and then we can all run our own software on it to generate a 3D model. If you want, you could post the 'raw' result and one after cleaning up (to show off your mad 3D skillz).

Maybe tell us a bit about what you ran into, how you solved it etc?

We could even do it a couple of times, using different sets of photographs to see which software works better for certain types of objects etc.

Who's up for the challenge?

3DST36 - Romance
(Abby Crawford) #2

I'd be happy to offer up some tombstone photos. Should I put them in Dropbox?

(Bart) #3

Cool! Yeah I think dropbox is fine.

(Abby Crawford) #4

Here is the link to the photos. I may have gone a little overboard (89 photos), so if the download is prohibitively large or it's just too difficult for everyone to deal with, I will upload a second, smaller set of photos of a different tombstone.

(Abby Crawford) #5

Shelby Tombstone by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

Here it is run through Agisoft Standard (without any masking).
Alignment Settings: Medium accuracy, pair preselection generic
Dense Cloud Settings: High quality
Mesh Settings: Arbitrary surface type, dense cloud sourced, face count high
Texture Settings: Generic mapping, Mosaic blending, 4096x1 texture size/count

In Sketchfab I tweaked the display settings a bit - Field of view 30 degrees, Shadeless shading, 13% sharpness, Vignette (47.5, 72.5), and Bilinear texture filtering

There was some noise near the top of the tombstone that I manually removed with varying levels of accuracy. I think the noise was the fault of my photographing. It ended up a little patchy. Otherwise I think it turned out pretty sharp.

(Hoang Hiep Vu) #6


Thanks Abby for your dataset. I've downloaded and used Smart3DCapture 3.2 Free version to build a model.

Shelby Tombstone (with Smart3dCapture3.2 Free) by HoangHiepVu on Sketchfab

I do not change much the setting in Sketchup, but you can download the model to see.

This is my settings for it:
- The calibration: default option of the software can not find all cameras. Therefore, I use: Keypoints density: High, Component construction mode: multi-pass, and it can recover all cameras.
- The reconstruction: I use a bounding box to concentrate only to the tombstone.The total number of pixels in the dataset is around 700 M Pixels which exceeds the limit for exporting a OBJ model in the free version (500M Pixel), then I have to downsample the dataset 82% to export the OBJ.

Dispite the small downsamling, I think the model is quite accurate.

(Abby Crawford) #7

@HoangHiepVu that looks great! The top of it turned out much better than in mine. Nice job.

(Bart) #8

My free AutoDesk Recap360 account just maxed out :-/ And as they no longer support OSX for 123DCatch I guess I I'll have to install an alternative first.

@abbyec 1.3GB download! Do you find that TIFF files give better quality than JPG?

(Abby Crawford) #9

I know, I's kind of huge. I could upload a zip of jpgs, if that would be preferable.

I haven't ever done a side-by-side comparison of TIFFs to JPGs, so while I would like to say "yes" because I have personal experience with it, I can only say "yes" because I have read it in various places. The prevailing opinion is that photo compression creates unwanted points that confuse the software and/or muddle the model.

(Bart) #10

Oh don't worry I've already downloaded it. Just curious. I'm testing Photoscan professional now on my Lego model, trying to learn the software.

(Matthewbrennan) #11

I haven't found any difference between using high-quality jpegs vs. tiff.

(Abby Crawford) #12

That is good (and space saving) to know. Thanks!

(Bart) #13

@abbyec what's a normal processing time for a scene like that? I loaded my Lego crane photos into Photoscan and it took well over 12 hours to process (with a disappointing result wink.

(Hoang Hiep Vu) #14

I would like to contribute one of my model too, here is the link for 17 images of "Storming of the Bastille" high relief in Paris:

And this is my model built with Smart3dCapture 3.2 Free version which standard parameters if I remembered well:

"Prise de la Bastille" high relief by HoangHiepVu on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #16

@bartv, processing speed varies depending on the parameters that you set. What I usually do with something that I am not certain will turn out well is run it at low or medium quality (for alignment, dense cloud, and mesh) just to make sure that it's a viable model. I've not yet spent 12 hours on any models, but have had a couple that have taken 3-5 hours at higher quality settings. I also don't have experience with PhotoScan Pro, but from watching a friend, I don't think that processing times are notably different from the standard version.

If you want to send you photos I could see if I come up with a different result in terms of time or model quality.

(Bart) #17

Okay I'll try playing with the parameters, thanks! I think I have Pro now (I'm on the 30 day trial). And yeah, I'd be curious what you can make of my pics smile You can download them here.

(Matthewbrennan) #18

Photoscan (pro and standard) is very resources intensive (particularly CPU and RAM usage). I often have projects that take 12-28 hours to process. Of course, it all depends on your settings and number/quality of photographs, as I've also had projects, using less photos, that process completely in under 30 minutes. But 12 hours isn't alarming at all.

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(Abby Crawford) #19

@bartv, I ran the photos through with a couple different settings. The second time it took about 30-35 minutes in total - high accuracy photo alignment with generic pair preselection, medium quality dense cloud, high face count mesh with interpolation, and generic mosaic texture without color correction. It's not perfect by any means, but it's not the worst thing I've ever processed. smile

Bart's Lego Crane by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

And @HoangHiepVu, I'll try processing yours later today!

(Abby Crawford) #20

@HoangHiepVu, I ran your photos through PhotoScan - high accuracy photo alignment with generic pair preselection, high quality dense cloud, high face count mesh with interpolation, and generic mosaic texture without color correction. I didn't fill holes and so there are some obvious gaps, particularly in the panel's border.

HoangHiepVu's "Prise de la Bastille" by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

(Hoang Hiep Vu) #21

Thanks abbyec, could you let your model of "Prise de la Bastille" downloadable ?