Competition: World of Tanks Diorama with Sketchfab WIP

(Rober Digiorge) #1

Hello everyone, my name is Rober from Argentina and I am in the process of modeling for the "Competition: World of Tanks Diorama with Sketchfab" , My idea is to create a scene with a Char B1 Bis...I'm still in the process of modeling, I'll go sharing my progress by the same thread.
Hope you like... grin


(Bart) #2

I'll be watching smile Thanks for sharing!

(Rober Digiorge) #3

Thank you very much for the comment Bart, I did not expect to have answers as my project is still in diapers! grin
So I can only share you one textures test...

(Wargaming) #4

We are also watching. smile Looking forward to see what you will come up with!

(Rober Digiorge) #5

O my gosh!!! Wargaming is watching me... scream (for me... the goal is accomplished blush )
really flattered me with your comment...!Thank you WG¡

Well for now my project is slow (which started this morning!) only tracks is ready...

(Rober Digiorge) #6

So far I have only: Tracks, Driver's hatch, Glacis plate and Hull...WIP

(Rober Digiorge) #7

Waiting for the turret...

(Rober Digiorge) #8

The Hull still waiting for the turret... weary but I think that's all for today! sleeping

wink ...will have be content with this pic!

(Rober Digiorge) #9

The Hull still waiting for the turret... again! grin

(Rober Digiorge) #10

The turret is almost ready... grimacing hopefully tomorrow I will go upload the WIP model of my Char B1 Bis at Sketchfab finally!!! relaxed

...see you tomorrow!!! sleeping

(Rober Digiorge) #11

Within minutes I share the 3d WIP of the Char B1 bis in Sketchfab!!! kissing

(Rober Digiorge) #12

Well without any further ado here it Char B1 bis (WIP), Maybe a little rough in details and mapping but hopefully improve for the final diorama (note that was done in free time and very quickly) sweat_smile

Char B1 Bis WIP by Rober Digiorge on Sketchfab

I look forward you enjoy it... blush

(Rober Digiorge) #13

@bartv help me please!...definitely I do not know I'm doing wrong? but I can not embed my model on Sketchfab at the forum... weary

(Rober Digiorge) #14

The diorama begins to take shape... open_mouth

(Rober Digiorge) #15

the ground is almost complete... grin

(Rober Digiorge) #16

the scene is complete ... when finished! I promise upload the diorama at Sketchfab. wink

(Rober Digiorge) #17

My final entry tagged with WoT2015... stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes Oooh yeah!

Char B1 Bis DIORAMA by Rober Digiorge on Sketchfab

Sorry, I'm not know what doing wrong...but I can not embed the viewer of Sketchfab in at forum. pensive

hope that you like my Diorama... I really want to win the Sketchfab PRO!!! blush

Regards and good weekend for all! wink

(Matin) #18

Nice work. I just signed up for SketchFab because of the WoT contest. I still have to take my final, so I don't have any free time to work on my own contest entry. However, I think this contest has inspired me to try my hand at 3D modeling again.

(Rober Digiorge) #19

Hi @matin :
Thanks for the compliment and also by commenting that my work find it inspiring...hopefully soon I can see here your diorama (I also do not have much free time, so I decided to do it in the shortest time possible) ...and here it is, if I extended more in development process...all the project ran danger that then do not finish on time because they do not know how he would be able to spend in an uncertain future.


(Kadskirata) #20

Great job on the Char!

Total noob question here, but I am a total noob at this:
How do you start a 3d model?


P.S. I am not sure where to post this, so sorry if I was supposed to post it elsewhere.