[Complete] Medieval Fantasy - Sneaky Attack

(Chromo Xy) #1

Hello there. I am joining too. I plan to build characters and weapons. Hope to post something real soon :grin:

(Chromo Xy) #2

My current WIP, one of the spiky mace:

(Chromo Xy) #3

Tried uploading to sketchfab. And played around with the material settings. To test the materials.

Feel free to comment if I am doing anything wrong.

(Bart) #4

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Chromo Xy) #5

Thanks Bart!

@bartv, I would like to ask more on the materials portion, especially concerning Sketchfab settings.

Which workflow would be better?
- assign multiple materials to one model/asset and assign separately in Sketchfab
- combine texture info into 1 single material, 1 single map

I believe having multiple materials for especially small assets would be detrimental to mobile performance, am I right?

(Bart) #6

I don't believe materials have a specific impact on performance - not nearly as big as multiple geometries. For simple materials that don't need a texture map, I'd choose direct editing. If you need texture maps, it's better to pack them into one atlas, if you can.

(Chromo Xy) #7

Thanks Bart.

Here is a small update:

A horse,

and its posed counterpart:

(Chromo Xy) #8

Changing the title to reflect the idea of a sneaky attack scene I have. Thinking of building a creature to ambush mini town :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


awesome idea!

(Chromo Xy) #10

My first character. I tried to create some villagers, but have yet to finalize them.

Anyway, I made a samurai, to add to my planned roster of medieval warriors.

Still have not figured out how to pose him yet. Also added a sleek katana :sunglasses:

(Chromo Xy) #11

Here is some WIP updates. After pushing thru the weekend, I have built all the assets that I planned to put in my scene.

Here is a wagon, 2 versions.

(Chromo Xy) #12

Added a barrel and some food!

Some weapons and also a board for holing / storing.

Also a front gate/door, with a knight:

(Chromo Xy) #13

Finished my submission. Ended with the following number of tris:

The scene is about knights trying to protect their fort from hideous monsters while scrambling support from Asian warriors to fend off the fiends!

I hope I made it with all my assets uploaded in time.

Good luck to all!