[COMPLETE] The mage's house

(Undeadfae) #1

Hello! My entry for this contest will be the old mage's house in the forest, where he lives and crafts his potions!
This is a WIP of the first model I made for this, it's a golem made of rocks and trees, the mage created it to protect his house, like a magic guard dog. It's very strong, but also very tame, and wouldn't attack anyone unless they had evil intentions.

I'll upload the complete model soon.

(Undeadfae) #2

I was a bit busy to post, but I'm almost done with my entry. Here are a few of the models I finished, still working on some details for the others before putting everything together

(Undeadfae) #3

And this is the mage's house, with this and a few more things the scene is almost done

(Undeadfae) #4

Two more models for the scene, a cauldron for the potions and an orchard to grow plants, with these I've uploaded almost all the assets for this scene


Good luck and keep going until the deadline!

(Undeadfae) #6

I've finished my scene! Here are the last assets I had to do

And this is the complete scene

And this is the whole collection

Fantasy Contest - Mage's house by undeadfae on Sketchfab