[Completed] Medieval Fantasy Contest - Fishermen village

(Ironicalghosty) #1

Hello, it's my first time joining a 3D contest and also the first time to experience really low-poly models.
All will be created in Maya.

Day 1:
A village starts by a house. I started this model by taking inspiration on that artwork by Dylan Eurlings:

VIllage House - front & back view
1498 tri

Day 2:

These fishermen are known to catch big preys just like that big fella.
But they also have smaller prizes encased in wooden crates.

Day 3:

Big surprise, those fearless fishermen are also fish-like!

349 tri

Also added a few more props (spear, pots, rocks, grass, seagull, baskets, fish rack). I used the same wooden platform from the selling booth to create the wooden jetty.

(Bart) #2

Looking good! The low poly models look great, as does the concept art. Do remember to stick to the required visual style though - so detailed hand painted textures should not be included.

(Ironicalghosty) #3

Mainly focused on UV unwrapping and texturing these past days and also assembled the overall little island. Still adjusting some little details/colours~

The overall polycount is at 50 601 tri~

All texture maps are 512*512px.

Here are some beauty shots~!

(Ironicalghosty) #6

And finished~!