Completely inexperienced with photogrammetry, BUT experienced with traditional 3d modeling. What software should I choose?

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Hi there,

TLDR summary: I’m experienced with traditional 3d modeling, so I’m looking for very advanced photogrammetry software. But I am completely new to photogrammetry, so I don’t know how to actually judge what is or isn’t good software.

I’m looking for good software to get started with photogrammetry. I looked around on the forum to see if this question has been asked before, but all I found was either questions from people completely new to 3d or in-depth photogrammetry analyses way above my level. I have enough years of experience with ‘traditional’ 3d modeling that I need a photogrammetry solution that gives advanced and highly editable results, so I can see that the easily understandable smartphone apps fall short of what I want. But I know so little about actual proper photogrammetry itself that I have no idea how to judge the 12,378 different photogrammetry options that Google suggests to me.

Any tips? Thank you in advance.

***Side note: Some more specifics on my goals: I mostly want to use this to lessen my workload when modeling heads of real-life human beings. Due to budget constraints, my source material is mostly limited to 1k handheld videos taken in a 360 degree circle around the model. I know how to do shadow / light corrections and camera shake corrections in photoshop (although it would be awesomeness if photogrammetry software can partly do this for you). Quality of skin textures etc. are less important, I’m mostly concerned with getting the underlying mesh / bone structure correct.

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HI @DevDante -

Some popular + user friendly options are RealityCapture and PhotoScan and 3DF Zephyr.

There’s even a tutorial on our blog about scanning human heads too: