Compressing files for uploading

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Hello guys,
I am wondering if someone can help me out. I have recently come across Sketchfab after looking for a platform to get my 3D models embedded on my website. Sketchfab seems to do the job really well (incredible website) but I seem to have an issue with large file sizes.

I am currently saving my files as Solidworks parts (the software my models have been created in) > Importing them into Keyshot > Exporting as .OBJ and then uploading them to Sketchfab. This works great apart from the high faces / vertices count (some models are coming up as 14.2m faces).

What is the best practice for this scenario and is there a way of reducing the file size? I could always remodel the part and dumb it down but ideally I would like to avoid that due to the work involved.

Kind regards

(Ian Woodward23) #2

Just to add,
I have now exported from Solidworks as an .STL which allows me to compress the file on saving and this has massively reduced the size (Still higher than I would like but it's a start. However, I now have the issue that the file imports as one model, no individual parts so you cannot apply materials etc.)

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@IanWoodward23 you can compress your files to zip, rar or 7zip to make them even smaller:

(Bart) #4

Another approach is to use a technique called 'mesh decimation' to reduce the polygon count in your model. You can use free software like Meshlab for this:

(Ian Woodward23) #5

Thanks guys, both methods have worked great. This is a fantastic website, well done!