Configurator - moving and rotating objects?

(Virtual Past) #1

Hi there,
we like to use sketchfab configurator to build up a use case for interior design, e.g. furniture designers.
What we need is a solution that allows us to insert,move and rotate objects on a floor plan or cut 3d interior model.
We could not find an example using sketchfab in this manner, though we like everything about the configurator very much.
The 3d part is not the problem - we’re using 3ds max and others daily.
Also coding is not a major problem (well, not for all tasks …).
If the “insert” is a problem we could just have a small “library” of furniture aside the floor plan to move those in.
It would be nice to have a rotate functionality that allows rotation in e.g. 30 deg. steps.
Not sure about the moving part. The possibility to take screenshots is most appreciated and should work in that scenario anyway.

We do appreciate any hints on the subjects. Thanks!

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(Virtual Past) #3

Hi Paul
thanks very much for the quick reply. I will try several things first and get back here with more precise questions. Shaderbytes Viewer API Utility looks promissing for my needs.

Also, I’m not sure I made my question clear enough. The task I like to have in steps:

  • select an object in the viewer by the user directly in the 3d scene
  • the user can move the selected object freely in the scene (possible plane/axis predefined)
  • same with rotating the object (possible degree steps predefined)

The result should be a “classical” kind of interactive “let’s furnish that nice new living room” application :slightly_smiling_face:

If there is somewhere a realized example of this (or part of the functionality), this would really help alot.
Thanks again.

(Virtual Past) #4

Anybody any ideas?


(Klaasnienhuis) #5

Hi @virtual-past,
I’m not aware of an example where the user interacts directly with the 3D scene in a sketchfab viewer like you want. I’ve built a configurator for Zodiac Nautic where I’ve used a pseudo-solution:
You can drag images on a 2D map. The 3D model is updated instantly to show what you’re doing in 3D. We’ve got “snap-points” to make sure models end up in the right place. I’ve built this configurator before the Sketchfab API made it possible to directly interact with the 3D models in the viewer by clicking and hovering.
The interaction you propose is seemingly simple, but moving and rotating an object in a live 3d space is difficult to do. Not technically, but from a UX point of view. You need some sort of gizmos to drag or rotate or make a clever UX design to make sure the user knows what’s happening (am I navigating, moving or rotating?).
Finally, Sketchfab can’t insert objects into a scene. Let’s say you have an empty living room and you want to arrange furniture: all the furniture you want to place has to be in that scene already. This might not be an issue for your use case. But if you want to show hundreds of different sofas, you’ll run into trouble.
If you want, shoot me a DM to discuss this further.

(Virtual Past) #6

Hi Klaas

Thanks for your clarification. So, it looks like this is not a use case for sketchfab in the next future. the possibilities of the configurator are most clear and very nice for many many situations. I will surely dig deeper into it.
The zodiac-nautic is a very nice application indeed - I’m impressed!
For the time being I may have (again) to look into the three.js possibilities, this may lead to something.
I’d like very much to discuss this further - so I’ll shoot you a DM as soon as time permits .

Thanks again!