Configurator possibility

Hi, there! I recently uploaded 2 models of the same object, before and after it was restored, and thinking to do a comparative model, remember the sketchfab configurator. My ask is if there is a mode to switch, in one unique model, between maps (diffuse, normals, AO), all together, showing the after and before just in one click.
The model is this:
Before restoration
After restoration
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

What about an animation? Make one model visible for some seconds, then the other.

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Good idea! You can pause the animation and see the object in detail whenever you want. Maybe less intuitive than switch a button, but it will shows nicely. Thanks!!

Can somebody please provide some information about how to create configurators (what software is to use etc.) cause I can do configurator in Unreal Engine. I would like to know how can I integrate it using sketchfab

Hi there! Don’t know, but maeby check this if you didn’t yet:


If you are using 3D Studio Max, Klaas Nienhuis has created an epic script to create different types of configurators.

We are using it now quite a bit with excellent success.

Thank you very much for the links. Will study those.