Configurator with AR?

Hi, just wondering if it is possible to have a configurator in SketchFab allowing you to change textures on a 3D model with AR functionality, so in AR mode you will see exactly the textures you selected in the configurator? Or is it just technically impossible because you must always have a saved 3D file which will be used for AR?

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I’m afraid that the AR in Sketchfab is static. What you upload to sketchfab is what you see in AR.

Thanks for the answer! It is a pity but let’s hope we get some dynamic AR functionality in the future. Edit: do you know any other VR/AR solution with dynamic AR? Maybe Zappar?

I don’t know of any configurable AR solutions (aside from native apps of course). Usually what happens is that you configure something and then the 3d model is generated on the fly for AR.

So is THAT possible with Sketchfab? Using a configurator to generate a product for AR?
Thanks in advance.

Sketchfab does not support this I’m afraid