Configurator with multiple 3D models / variations

Hello everyone !

I have read some old threads and it doesn’t seem possible to load 3D models into a scene via the current API … :roll_eyes:

I’ve just created a configurator with all 3D variations included in the scene (hidden). Then i switch the parts with the hide/show functions from the Sktechfab API.

But for my next project, it will be very problematic (initial size and loading)…

Any change such a feature will come up ? :smiley:
(fetching 3D variations on JS events, on a light custom 3D scene)

*Working also with other 3D frameworks when needed but i love using Sketchfab on simple apps ^^

Our next-generation viewer will support this, but we don’t have a timeline for that yet. In the current viewer this will not be possible, sorry.

Thank you Bart for your reply :star_struck: I follow you in this great future!

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