Configurator Workflow and FBX export settings

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I'm working in 3ds max and want to create a 3d chair configurator using sketchfab. I'm unclear about the workflow. I'd like to be able to swap out parts (different arms) and change colors of paint, fabrics, etc. Should I be importing a full model and then hide parts? Should I attached or group the parts when exporting to sketchfab so they're separate entities?

One thing I've noticed is that by exporting as an FBX rather than using the Sketchfab export tool, I get MUCH better results in the mesh. Is there a workaround for this so I can get the single unwrapped texture render from the resulting export and apply it to the FBX model export. Will it save UVW's?




If you want to swap out parts, you need everything in the scene. Then you can hide() and show() objects as needed.

You can find documentation, resources, and examples here:

There is also another plugin for 3ds Max called OptionsOptions (Also developed by @klaasnienhuis ) that can generate basic configurators for you.

The Exporter plugin already uses FBX, so if there are differences it's probably due to exporter settings or FBX export settings. Can you post an example of the same model uploaded each was so we can have a closer look?

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Thank you, James. I appreciate your expertise.

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Hi ! Did you manage to get this done?

I’m a programmer (JS) but not so much of a designer and I’m a bit confused with the assets I need.

My question is what do I need to tell my designer ? How to deliver the FBX files in order to upload the model correctly to Sketchfab and be able to hide/show objects.