Confusion with Uploading Models

I’ve been using the ZBrush plugin, but I’m not sure if there’s an option to reload it…? If I use Sketchfab’s reupload option and export my mesh as an .OBJ, I just get one SubTool show up. I’ve tried combining all the SubTools together, but then everything is assigned just one material. I’ve even tried exporting each SubTool individually as an .OBJ, and despite each part being processed, when it finishes, it still only shows me one SubTool in the preview window. How can you upload multiple parts as an .OBJ? Or, like the first question, is there a way of re-uploading a ZBrush sculpt via the Importer plugin without having to re-assign and setup the materials and textures again? I did try the Bake option, which it then asked for a UV, so I tried merging all the SubTools together and worked on a Clone, but I think everything became borked with the textures/materials. :-\

Hi @dustyshingami, and thanks for your question/feedback.

Let me try to rephrase your issue: you managed to upload your model from ZBrush to Sketchfab. On the first upload, the materials and textures look correct, but you can not find a way to re-upload your sculpt, which contains multiple subtools, from the plugin, or even manually.

Currently, there is no option to re-upload a model from the ZBrush plugin to Sketchfab, but that’s something we could add in the future if necessary.

When the plugin uploads a model to Sketchfab, it actually exports a zipped hierarchy of the subtools exported as .obj files along with their textures and a .zbrush file. In order to re-upload it manually, you would need to respect this format and organize the archive in the same way.

If you did not manage to solve your issue (just saw your recent “Alien Sculpt” model, nice job for a first sculpt :+1: ) and can confirm that this corresponds to your problem, I’ll try to have a look and give you instructions on how to re-upload models manually by creating such a .zip file.


PS: This won’t solve your problem, but have you used the most recent version of the plugin ?

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Thanks for the reply. I have managed to sort it, though I just had to re-import it via the plugin and sort out the materials again. I’d love to know how to manually upload them creating a zip file. :slight_smile: I couldn’t get that to work when I tried to upload each part together.
I re-uploaded two models as they were too dense geometry-wise. I merged all the SubTools together and made one big UV from the Polypaint. Seemed to work nicely. Also, no, it doesn’t look like I was using the latest version. I downloaded this one:

Whilst on the subject of Sketchfab plugins, I did post a forum thread about the one for the Unreal Engine, but I didn’t get a reply. I’ve not been able to get the latest version to work with 4.22. I did try Marmoset, but I don’t think that allows you to export models from Unreal to the Viewer/Toolbox.