Consider losing the ease on zoom/rotate?


(Mark A) #1

So I was browsing artstation, developing a massive inferiority complex (as you do), when I stumbled upon this:

Began rotating the model and immediately noticed something I think Sketchfab would benefit from: no ease off on the zoom and rotate.

The model moves exactly when the cursor moves, there's none of this sliding for half a second after you've stopped moving it. For me personally it feels a lot sharper and wieldy (That's a word, right? As in opposite of unwieldy?).


(Bart) #2

Hi @MarkA,

thanks for the feedback! It's probably a matter of taste - it's the first time I hear that someone prefers the 'direct stop' feedback. To me personally, it feels a little 'cheaper' (if that's the right word to apply to an interaction). The way our navigation 'feels' is definitely part of our entire product design, and I don't think we're looking to change that any time soon :smile:

(Mark A) #3

I can totally respect that actually.

Infact after post this I started thinking about how the ease adds to a feel of the thing (I often think about how software feels when I learn using it, like how vectors in Flash feel differently from Vectors in Illustrator), and I realized that Sketchfab is more of an art presentation, so the camera rotation being stylized fits with that while the Artstation thing seems more technical (with all the layer views and whatnot).