Constant interpolation doens't work

Hi all,

I’m working on an animation from Blender to Sketchfab.
I’m trying to make a “fake frame-to-frame” 3D animation using different models as frames.
So, I have 3 models and I am using them as frame. So every n frame I turn off the current model and I turn on the next one using scaleXYZ=0 (off) and scaleXYZ=1(on)

On Blender file everything is fine. I just animated the scale on the models using constant interpolation and it works fine.

My problem is on Sketchfab. When I import my .blend file in here my constant interpolation get lost and it return to linear interpolation. So when I look at the animation I will recognize scaling in and out. That’s completly ruining my animation :frowning:

Any help?

this is a old problem that has always been like this for blender to sketchfab animations. Frames are not a 1:1 representation between blender and sketchfab. They create their own frames and if you expect some interpolation to happen over one frame in blender , in sketchfab it happens over several frames , so effects like instant hide and show never work, you can always see the interpolation happening.

:frowning: it isn’t the answer I wanted to hear :frowning:

thank youfor the help!
Now I have to figure out an other way to achieve that effect…!

Hi @tombolaso !

I am not sure this applies to your case, but maybe you can use the stop motion animation feature.
Basically you can use a text file to chose which model to display at each frame. You can read more about it here:

You can also read more about it here:

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wow thank you very much for the tips!

it looks like really interesting