Content has been deleted

Hi team.

I work for a university in Australia, and was originally able to use an educators Pro account. A number of months ago this Pro account was removed from me without warning. Some of the 3D content I had up on my account is sensitive (human specimens). I explained this and the Pro account was restored so I could keep the content passworded. I now see that my account has been altered again, not only is it not a Pro account, but all the content has been removed. I understand that previous arrangements are sometimes no longer something that can be offered. But for a second time, I also don’t seem to have been given any warning. I’m not sure if anything can be done to help me, but perhaps in the future it would be nice to inform your members when major changes are going to happen to their account/content.

Many thanks,

Edit: I have just noticed the models are there as drafts. Will I need to upgrade to restore them? My previous suggestion I think is still valid regarding warning of an altered account.

Hi Gavan - could you email these details via please, including your previous email thread with our team?


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