Contest-Tabletop Wars: Tortoise-Grizzly Bear


(Blackpinecone) #1

I will be posting all my WIP stuff here for this Challenge.

My original character will be a combinational African Desert Tortoise and a Grizzly Bear. His clothing will be of East Asian influence, who utilizes a Saki Casket and Liquor as his primary weapons.

I originally made him as a clay sculpture in my Art Class, even photo-scanned him in for Sketchfab. Now I'll be making him a proper 3D printable character!

Currently working on his Shell

(Bart) #2

Welcome on board! It's great if you want to maintain a WIP thread, but it's not a requirement for this challenge (unlike our full-blown contests). Instead, or addition: you can also announce your idea or sketch in the challenge thread so everyone can see what you're working on.

(Blackpinecone) #3

Was able to do a little more work on the Shell today, gonna finish the top piece tomorrow and start working on the next piece!

(Blackpinecone) #4

Got more work done today, looking for any and all C&C, particularly in these areas...

-The face, I will be concentrating a lot of the bears sculpting here and eventually the paws. The rest of the body will have hair sculpted on it.
-General anatomy structure of the body is correct/proportional, it will be covered later by sculpted hair. (He is bipedal, so I have borrowed some human anatomy for the arms)
-Any comments on the Tortoise Shell
-Help with dressing my guy up with Props/Clothing. I'm not very good at drawing and even worse at conceptualizing, so I would appreciate your thoughts!

To clarify, my two primary animals that I'm basing the model off, are the Grizzly Bear & African Spurred Tortoise.

My general idea for the character is that he hails from an Eastern Country who covets Liquor. He utilizes Alcohol and Martial Arts as his primary forms of attack. A Drunken Sage Master of sorts might best describe him. He will be wielding Saki as his currently favorite choice of alcohol.

(Vibrantnebula) #5

I love the concept! Excited to see the final model.

(Blackpinecone) #6

Was swamped with Homework, but I finally got that under control so I should have the next 3 days to go rush this to completion... hopefully!

Did a little work on the face, and I'm trying out fur sculpting. I'm happy with it is now, any C&C would be appreciated! (The fur your seeing is roughly what the final would look like, I just up-resed it and sculpted a little more as a test to see how it would look)

(Blackpinecone) #7

Worked some more on the Fur, almost done with the head. Did some minor adjustments on the head and face.