Control ambient saturation from IBL

Hi All

So I just recently had an issue with a client not wanting this red streak on the model. Of coarse this was not in the texture but was from the default HDRI map used by sketchfab. It has a red section in it and obviously shows up in the reflection on light reflective metal objects.

So I made my own desaturated HDRI and used that. But this got me thinking it would actually be very handy if we could control the IBL ambient saturation via a slider in the editor. I mean it is not something you have to calculate every frame. You just cache the adjusted color information in some buffer and read the color from there. something like that.

I know that is less accurate , but product beauty shots are anything but natural. The have all sorts of lighting tricks and post production done to them. So “accurate” and “real” are not always what is desired. ask any hollywood movie :wink:


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