Controlling and Viewing Sketchup Scenes and Interiors.....How?


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Hi all, I'm new to Sketchfab but have been using SU for many years as an architect and have just aquired my first set of Googlr Cardboard VR glasses and have had some fun over the last 24 hours. I'm really interested to see how I can get more out of my SU models in terms of presentation for clients and thought I'd use one of my past designs which has some basic interior and exterior modelling. Every time I successful upload to Sketchfab I see the whole model from the exterior and can't seem to see any way of selecting or viewing the interior or scenes, can ANYONE HELP???

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ortographic + zoom in with the scroll wheel
or set to first person and use wasd and "walk" though the walls

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Hi DM, thanks for your reply, but what do you mean by 'wasd' and can I save this interior position before its opened uploaded to a mobile device as when it's opened for viewing through Google cardboard I will not be able to control this zoom you mention?

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There pictures are simpler :smile: sorry as i gamer i tend to use wasd more than the arrow keys
not quite sure about google cardboard, but it needs to have some sort of movement in it i guess

you can test out my model for it

Dark-Minaz Tower Apartments by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

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Hi @dark_minaz many thanks for your quick replies and help much appreciated. Your model with the number of view points is exactly what I want to achieve but I fear with Google cardboard and my iPhone 6 the control is limited, I have no movement buttons! What software and VR do you use?

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I currently don't have a vr but i tested it with my samsung note 1 (so pretty old) and google chrome.
I can jump between my annotations around.
you can set the 5 annotations (for free users) or 20 (for premium) to where you want them and let the user jump between those to show specific parts of the house.

so while you can't move you can "jump" to each part and use those to kinda look around.
sorry last time i used a vr was on my friends pc, didn't think of the phone version :smiley:

You can set them here, and then with double click (on pc) where you want them, save it. and then you can load those "camera places" with your phone vr.

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Many thanks @dark_minaz I'll have a play! 👍