Converting from point cloud (fls/pts/ptx) file formats


(Danbigs) #1

Is anyone aware of a workflow to allow the conversion from fls, pts, or ptx files to a Sketchfab import?

These are all terrestrial scanner file formats - so imagine a building scan point cloud.


(Vlad) #2

MeshLab, CloudCompare


I'm not familiar with those formats, but it might be possible that one of them is simply an ascii file with a list of point coordinates (and color) like:

 # comment
x y z R G B
x y z R G B
x y x R G B

If that is the case, you can change the file extension to .asc, and we will be able to process it.

(S Vickers) #4

My way was to export the point cloud (.pts) and then convert with laszip & lasunzip to get to .txt (xyzrgb), then open in meshlab and save as a .ply.

I usually unified and cleaned my scans in Recap before exporting as .pts.


@SVickers cool - I've had success with LAStools in the past. You should be able to simply rename the .txt file to .asc and upload. No need to go through MeshLab for the PLY