Converting to GLTF messes up my FBX animation


I am trying to get quill VR animations into a GLTF format. My pipeline right now is quill -> FBX -> Maya -> Sketchfab -> GLTF.

Everything seems to be working smoothly with the animations while inside Quill, Maya, and Sketchfab. However, when I export my animations to GLTF, then the animations start glitching out in terms of scale and location in space. it’s really tripping me up because everything works so smooth on every other platform in my pipeline. I have included a link to a video of what is happening when the models are being exported. If anyone has any good solutions for this, as well as exporting a scene with multiple models from a 3D program into sketchfab into gltf.

Thank You!

Hey. Why not skip most of it and go from Quill -> Fbx -> Blender -> glTF
Should be easier :thinking:
And maybe even would avoid the problem.

Blender doesn’t export gltf animations very well, haven’t been able to export the animations very well. really need to figure out why this is happening with my gltf exports