Converting to GLTF takes a long time

(Hawkenking) #1

I’m converting a very simple model (8 verts, 4 tris) and it took 20 mins.


Hmm weird, but it did finish?

There might have been a long processing queue of other models.

(Offplan3d) #3

I would love to know if there is some way of converting to GLTF in SketchFab or do you have to do this in your 3D app?

(Hawkenking) #4

its an option in the download dialogue

(Hawkenking) #5

It did finish :slight_smile:

(Offplan3d) #6

So to get a model viewer to work in FaceBook i have to-
1- upload it to SketchFab,
2-download it as a glTF
3-upload it again to SketchFab, then share it to FaceBook?


I think you’re talking about a few different things.

You can share any Sketchfab model link on Facebook, regardless of the format.

You can download a glTF from Sketchfab. We convert all downloadable models to glTF.

You can upload glTF models directly to Facebook.

(Hawkenking) #8

hmm - sadly this sounds nice but is not directly possible :wink:

You first need to convert glTF to facebook’s required format.


I think they support glb, the binary version of glTF. You can convert here: