Cooperative contest!

(Canary Games) #1

Cooperative contest!

As I mentioned in the thread “Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Globe”.

Maybe it’s time to plan a contest for colleagues in cooperative mode?

  • For example; I can talk about my way of modeling, I would say that mine is not making sculptures, nor can I make a character, but I can make objects, details, ideas.:bulb:

If my scenes are missing something, someone can add what I do not have, and although this has not been done, at least it has not been commented on, I have been talking with a friend about a scene that I have incomplete, And if we finish it, maybe you can see what I mean!

And I would like very much, that anyone contribute their ideas to this story.:point_right:t3::memo:

Greetings to all

(if something is not understood, guilty google translator):sweat_smile:

(Bart) #2

I like this. But to be clear: are you proposing a contest where you form a team with other Sketchfab artists and then enter, or a more ‘continuous’ project where you can post something and ask for someone else to build upon it?

(Canary Games) #3

That question is very good, I had thought about collaborating on the same project (one Scene), two individuals, and that one of the two, present that scene in the contest.
On behalf of the team: D

I’m not very good at explaining myself! (hahaha) but I think you can understand.

(What is better, than to brighten a person’s day? Rejoice two!)

But what you mention about the most continuous project … for that I have a great idea, but for the moment, I will let it be set, since it is a subject to talk more private :slight_smile: and in some way or another we can all benefit.

I’m glad you like @bartv, and you are involved in its beginning, whether it’s ahead or not, and I hope that more people will support this.

(Bart) #4

A challenge where you submit one entry with a team is not really much different from our current challenges I think - aside from the part where you need to find and team up with one or more other artists. @nebulousflynn @abbyec do you have any ideas about this?

I think I might be more interested in a ‘collaborative project’ effort that’s not necessarily contest related.

(Nebulousflynn) #5

I like the idea of a collaboration where artist’s take turns to add or modify a 3D model and then pass it on to the next person - I think the term for this in 2D is an ‘exquisite corpse’ :slight_smile:


  1. artist A might create a basic scene or character mesh and upload it to Sketchfab.
  2. artist B downloads it and adds more details, uploads the result
  3. artist C downloads that model and adds more details, uploads the result
  4. and so on…

It could even be just a back andforth between two artists.

Including links back to each model so people can follow the ‘evolution’ of the model would be cool (or make a collection I guess).

(Canary Games) #6

Maybe you’re right, and it’s not a very avant-garde change, it’s not innovative when it comes to presenting the scene, because there will always be only one person to upload it!:sweat:

But it’s still a work team, not an individual, maybe it does not like the people, the contestants, and it becomes a failure!

But you can prove it, it’s a challenge for the community.:muscle:t3:

I sign up, to test if in the end a contest of this type comes out, as long as it suits the art that I do!

(Canary Games) #7

When @bartv mentioned this, I could not understand it very well, google usually breaks texts for me sometimes.

But now I’m looking at another way to explain it, and I think it’s great!:memo:

But from the user point I see a problem with this; and it’s not a bad problem, in plan I do not like it! No, it is a problem of: when that scene reaches great dimensions, my pc will support it?

That even so, I say that it seems good, and I would like to participate in both.

(in the first: imagine the time in contact with the other participant, and reaching an agreement, we like the two? YESS, then go ahead.)

(and in the second: I imagine starting the scene with a room and ending up full of junk) hahahaha I like it.

The grain of sand that becomes a mountain!

(Iggy Design) #8

Hello guys! Got an E-mail invitation,thank you very much! :slight_smile: I read the thread, here is my 5 cents…

I love the idea of cooperation in general,but it must be well structured to work. Immediately some issues will arise.
In case of artist collegue pairs, you need to find people on similar level / type of native expression,so you two dont clash in style too much. The idea of combining strengths is great here. So, you would need a clear task to know who to pair with, and ask around,to see if the artist is willing, capable and in the same time available.
Many artists are not very outgoing in nature,so this could be a bottleneck,but definitely would be interesting to try out.

I like the “open continuous” Idea more,i think it has more potential and less constrictions,and less personality-style conforming issues. And,it might feel more organic in the long run, as every stage would yield a new pool of ideas and boost creativity overall.

As a more practical blueprint here is a brainstorm i have now: A multistage challenge announcement, this will be like a thriathlon,multidisciplinary race,with overall end goal, clear in advance,so people know how to approach it from the get-go ( Meaning to plan the higher details to be in the texture and shape language to allow rigging and animation) . You can highlight those periodically in a form of stages in the blog. TIER 01! Highpoly / sculpt - This is raw ideation and base. Here it is important to portray the spirit and the style of the model. Winners model becomes available to download for everyone for TIER 02. This is retopology,UVs ad texturing. (hopefully it is not a dragon with 10 000 horns ) Now, this winners model is available for TIER 03 Rigging and animation, where best and most charismatic animation wins, and that is then available for TIER 04 - Build a small scene arround the animated model to add immersiveness to the whole thing, include scene/editor effects and lighting setup and best initial render angle (establishing shot). This would fit the “director” types of artists the most,i think.

This should connect a lot of people on the way,and expression can change unexpectedly in a good way.
Later on,you can make a mutual interview with winning artists as they talk about how their expectations may have been surprisingly changed upon their own legacy through the steps. That way they can make great friends, with that event connecting them in a nice positive and energetic way. Because at every stage,you dont know who will take on the next level and actually win, so there is no initial awqwardness or making obligatory deals before the act takes place, and in the same time your unexpected collegue is best of the best among the contestant pool ,which you probably couldnt find on purpose. :slight_smile:

Also this would potentially have a great organic cumulative effect on combining follower base from all artists involved and more sketchfab members even. Maybe even more,who knows! If it goes according to plan. :slight_smile:

(Canary Games) #9

Damn Iggy! I had to put on glasses to read, and it’s great just that … you took it to the level (Master), I eat novel … I always choose to try the small goal, then a bigger one comes :slight_smile: and so on complete the cycle.

I also understand everything you say about “Team Scenes”, obviously I think about everything, the language barriers, the way one designs and works, and the way one uses textures.

I mean, I did not say it at random, my idea was not entirely clear, but if I was very clear, I wanted to share in what I work with someone, and be able to enjoy.

I know that some of us can adapt to a way of working, others we do not know, it is always a turning wheel, and there is always disagreement, but that will happen in everything that is done.

On the other hand…
I also like where you took the idea of ​​@bartv and @nebulousflynn, just that you scared me a bit, with the parts I do not handle! (10 thousand dragon horns) my computer could not hahahaha :crazy_face:

But if I want to try, even if I had to ask for the relief. (I hope that the latter does not happen).

(Bart) #10

:100: You have taken the idea to the next level!

Let me list the steps for clarity:

  • TIER 01 - Highpoly/Sculpt
  • TIER 02 - Retopology, UV unwrapping and texturing
  • TIER 03 - Rigging/animation

I think we could even split up TIER 04 into:

  • TIER 04a - scene design (props, environment etc)
  • TIER 04b - lighting, effects etc (3D editor)

Our recent 3D editor challenge was very successful, I think we could integrate that step here too. What do you think?

(Iggy Design) #11

Sweeet!!! Glad you guys like the brainstorm. :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely i would love to see that happen,sounds great!

Now all that is needed is some cool theme, general enough too look interesting across all tiers and to more people, possibly something in area of robots (easier to retopologise). In terms of rigging / animation I would avoid complex creature stuff like many tentacles or too rigid/simple stuff like cars (although, creative rigging can do wonders here as well ). Of course i would not ban any ideas,because you never know what people could come up with. Sounds very exciting overall. :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #12

We had a similar concept before, with not to many entries.

This one sounds a bit more as a collab between a few people, what sounds like a really interesting concept, with enough people there could even be multiple “teams”. But i think it would help to connect people, so i am all for the idea :slight_smile:

(Bart) #13

We have the advantage that we can message large numbers of people for our challenges, I’m sure that would help.

Actually, I don’t think that’s correct; it’s an individual effort where each next round builds upon the previous one. So there’s no ‘direct collaboration’, but I’m sure it will be super interesting for artists to see what others do with their work.

(Canary Games) #14

Well I see that one of the ideas is being forged,
and it seems very good!

Although I also know that the latter will be more difficult, but I will not limit myself without having seen how that contest will be!

Where do you sign the cyber pact?

Greetings guys and you have good afternoon!

(Bart) #15

We’re going to discuss this next week in the community team. I’m very interested in giving this a try! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

(Canary Games) #16

I also want to see how this progresses,:smiley: so I’ll be watching :male_detective:t3:, not to lose detail!

(Bart) #17

NEWSFLASH! We have worked on this format for the last few weeks and have now launched our first round!

(Canary Games) #18

The idea is born, and I’m going to be left out, damn my bad luck!:unamused:

But even so I am happy :grimacing:, I want to see how this new form of contest develops!

(Bart) #19

Why are you left out? You can participate in any of the four stages - you don’t need to complete them all! :slight_smile:

(Canary Games) #20

Man, I said, by my own limits …
not because, I do not feel like participating!

They are a few rounds, and in each of them one must play a role, I basically, I can not adapt to any:

I do not sculpt, I’ve tried it sometimes but hahaha better to talk about something else!

Suppose I had a very detailed model, I could not load it, the last time I tried a model passing the million polygons, I ended up closing the work program many times!

What I want to say is, that right in this contest, I will not participate, but in the next one it may be, it always depends on the type of scene that it is.

But thanks for encouraging me :smiley: Bartv