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Copy and past an personal model


(Jacky Carlingue) #1

Hello every body,

I want to now is i can make an copy and past of one of my models.
Thanks for your answer and hapy new year.

(Bart) #2

Hi Jacky,

I'm not sure what you're asking, sorry! Would you like to duplicate a model that's already on Sketchfab? I'm afraid we don't offer that feature yet. If it's something else you need, please let me know.

(Jacky Carlingue) #3

Thank you for you answer!
Thats exactly wat i want to do.
I will explain you my small problem: wend i send my model in sketchfab, i need to parameter all the surfaces.
If i want to show the same object with some changes of color of somme parts for exemple, if i make copy and past of the first model i have just to change the color of somme parts of my second object .
Thats verry simple and faster...

I hope you have understood my need, because my english is verry bad!
An other question: cans we speek french here?

(Bart) #4

Hi Jacky,

thanks for clarifying that. I checked with the team, but we don't have any tools available for that at this moment. More people have asked about it though, so we'll consider it.

About the language: we prefer to use English on the forum so that all other users can benefit from the information here. We're a French company though so if English is an issue for you, please feel free to reach out in French on

(Jacky Carlingue) #5

Hello Bart,

Thanks for this answer!
I hope that the team can make it, i think that it would be a good thing for all

(Adeboye Grillo) #6

Hi everyone,
Duplicating our models will make it easier and faster for us to experiment and compare our models.
I'm hoping that will be implemented.

(Gilles38) #7

Hi all,
yes I agree, a Duplicate function would make life easier.
Also a "Transfert to" function to transfer a 3D file to a buddy (who has a sketchfab account of course) if he agrees. Of course I can send the file to my buddy who can then load it on his own account but since there is so far no way to save the 3D settings, this would avoid re-settings. Hopfully.

(Fredlucazeau) #8

+1 for the duplicate function
it is such a pain to copy all parameters one by one, switching between windows
thanks in advance for the sketchfab developer team

(Leeallanwilliamson) #9

Adding my name to the list of those wanting a duplicate function. It would be a great way to iterate without blowing away work you've already done.

I'd say this is a pretty necessary feature. I can save multiple scene files in pretty much all the offline viewers/engines and I'd love to be able to do so on Sketchfab, now that I'm using it more often.

(Cgartefacts) #10

Another +1

(Clamlube) #11

And one more person who'd LOVE to have a duplicate feature. I'm creating a series of identical models except for the label and one texture that changes. Other than that everything else is the same, but we have to re-enter all the properties one by one... If there's a way, many would be grateful I'm sure!

(Bblakesley) #12

+1 This would be great!

(Ricks) #13

Copy and paste materials,environment etc. makes sense. Any progress? I have a model that renders well, I just want to change the design and use the same parameters.

(Jacky Carlingue) #14

I think that it interresse not no the team of Sketchfab
it's a pity!!


We're still discussing this and definitely hope to implement some features for duplicating models and/or settings presets, but I don't have an ETA yet.

(Jacky Carlingue) #16

Ok James that is good news..
Can you explein me wat is ETA?


Estimated Time of Arrival :slight_smile:

(Jacky Carlingue) #18

Thanks for your answer...
I'am happy to know your are working on this subject.
Perhaps for christmas day, it was a nice present for me :wink:

(Variantpolygon) #19

Awesome! This will help a ton with setting up various or new versions of a current model quickly.

(Miramarcoms) #20

Is there a duplication feature available yet?
I need to upload a model for a client in several languages.
This feature would be very useful!