Copy and past an personal model



Nothing yet, but we're working on it.

(Chaitanyak) #22

A workaround features could be to

Option 1:

Capability to download a settings file.. maybe an xml or something like that of a sketchfab scene's lighting and material library.
that way when we re-upload a identical model for comparison, we can just "load" the xml file and voila have the same setup applied!

Option 2:

after we upload a model, under each tab (well the first 3 anyway)

we get a "load from other sketchfab" option .. that lets us browse our own previous model library.. (possibly search by name) and load settings from that previous model. (transferrable parameters will only be lights and materials.. probably not textures everytime)


Thanks for the tip!

(Jacky Carlingue) #24

This is an great news!
Does this system work right now?
Thanks a lot!


We are currently testing, but almost there :slight_smile:

(Jacky Carlingue) #26

I look forward to using this new function...

(Dinoinglese) #27

Just checking in if the this feature is anywhere near close to being implemented??


No update yet, sorry.

(Rlockett) #29

This feature will really help me when implemented, i share retail display concepts in via Sketchfab to clients and have to duplicate settings for each and every concept.I really hope to see this one added :slight_smile:

(Cirrus7) #30

I would also appreaciate to see this feature in the near future. Would be very useful for my project.

(Dragonfly Ai) #31

I agree with Chaitanyak. Is there a way to copy the settings file, to apply it to another model (with annotations!)? It would be very helpful.

(Peerhasefer2) #32

any update about this feature?


I'm afraid not, but it's still on our todo list.

(Kanistra) #34

+1, its really important feature

(Werff Design) #35


I was just searching for an option to duplicate models.

It would be very appreciated indeed.

(Jonatas Am) #36

Just to keep the discussion alive

I really think that a duplicate feature would be great for comparisons and other things.

Or maybe an "versions" of the same file (some kind of save state, like a GIT) that can easily flip through those model's versions (like a GIT checkout) .
And i see that this could be massive for the servers, to store so many versions, of so many files. So this feature could be "number limited", lets say, for 3-5 states. Maybe more but "temporally", so (in the 3d settings) the user can create some states, choose between the 3 kinds of light of his scene, or 12 colors of the model, whatever, and them only the chosen one keeps permanently (as a GIT branch, them merge).
Maybe even the main 3-5 versions permanently, and inside it, the user can create the temporally changes, choose one, and that keeps as the model of the state.

It quite complex, i understand. But i hope some ideas can be useful.


It's still on our todo list, but it's not a trivial feature :confused:

(Clamlube) #38

Wanted to add to the chorus of those who would really love to see a duplicate feature. Sketchfab is an amazing tool and deserves the highest kudos, but it can be even better with the ability to iterate models... Thanks much for continuing to consider it!

(Ethericpixel) #39

Me too also think this would be a very useful feature!

(Antonyony) #40

It would be really awesome to have an opportunity to duplicate a model for several reasons:

  • secure what you've already done for a model setup, if you want to compare and evaluate it with an another variant (different environments, lights positions, post processing ets.)

  • create another variations with different color schemes, lights etc.