Copying camera settings to another scene

Hi, is there an option already to do that? (thread title),
maybe I oversee something. As you know the camera log data isn´t helpful at all when using the 3d viewer on Sketchfab, it may be helpful within a website outside of Sketchfab. Now, in order to have nice adjusted titles in example with similar items, that are on other hand not duplicable because of their topo or uv differences, it would be helpful to be able to edit the camera settings within the 3d viewer in the camera section. Here, only the FOV and limits are “editable”. What´s needed are the essential things like distances and rotation angles to object. Those should be transportable in a way into an another scene. Otherwise it´s a time consuming try & error adjustment every time just by the p(l)ain eye.

Thanks and regards
Arthur, CGAmp

There’s no way to paste a full set of camera settings into the Sketchfab editor. You can do this with the API, though that only makes sense if you’re embedding the scenes somewhere.

Thanks mate.
That sounds so sobering.

However, reading that…means… what I already assumed and have already citicized on Sketchfab :-----(
Quote: “Otherwise it´s a time consuming try & error adjustment every time just by the p(l)ain eye”

WHY? givin that p(l)ain eye to the vendor??? and the mega extra bonus effort to get those jobs done on Sketchfab. Why? Toolbag can it, other stuff can it. And Keysh*t (make outofit what yo want) is coming, most probably into the same world from product only to realtime soon. Sketchfab! do for your VENDORS! some reaaaaally good things please, otherwise… you know what can happen.

Look at some other vendors like Squir, do you think they go with completely different camera settings for each item online?
But hey! they have the menpower to make the adjustments till it fits like a fist on an eye!
But a “solo individual” doesn´t.
Make out of it what you want.
I warned.
Don´t forget, till now you can duplicate (pro account) a scene only. If your next topo from same series is SLIGHTLY different the duplicate is useless. You must do eeeeeeeeeeeevery peeep again and again and again for each item. Hence! you´re stealing a vendors valuable time to PRODUCE! new things.

Is that´ts the way Sketchfab goes?
I ask YOU!