Copying Texture from Another Texture set in Blender


(Warsoul) #1

I try to made an textured PBR LowPoly KitBash Kit and i can't figure out how to easily copy some part from a texture set to another one. There is a plugin do quick select UV by mesh an copy texture to another UV Set ?

(Shaderbytes) #2

i oniy know of baking selected to active but maybe someone will teach me something as well.

(Simon Kratz) #3

Hi @warsoul, I'm not sure I if I completely understand your question. I do have a workflow for projecting one texture onto a different unwrap if that's what you need.

(Warsoul) #4

1- I want to create 10 sci-fi mechanical parts has a .obj ( Armors plates, piston, robotic arm, etc) deploy their UV on 1 big 4096 UV Set (Textures Set A)
2 - Then import my .obj into Substance Painter 2 to paint them and Export my Textures Set A (PBR Mettalic).
3- Import my .obj into Blender
4- Split the Painted mesh i need from that painted kitbash Kit (Textures Set A)
5- Kitbash them with another targeted model who had an 2048 UV Textures Set B
6- Copy UV and all informations from the Textures Set A from theses selected mesh and paste them into the target model UV Textures Set B( In blank Spaces between UV Island to get the most of each UV spaces )
7- Export the new 2048 U Textures Set with new textures added.

I need anything you can teach me essimoon ! I'm always open to new techniques.

(Simon Kratz) #5

Hmm I see. I'm afraid that exceeds my knowledge about the Blender texturing workflow. I'm pretty sure it can be baked from one texture set onto another but I'm not sure how to do it for different models :confused:

(Warsoul) #6

Can you made an tutorial on how you bake your texture to another please ?